Happiness or Misery?Happiness or Misery?Happiness or Misery?

Happiness or Misery?

I know that I usually pontificate on all things “Jamaica.” I fill you in on my latests thoughts on life there. You may be wondering where a post on happiness or misery fits in, right? Well, I’ve come to realize that I have to enter this adventure in the right frame of mind. It’s easy

My “Likkle” Town in JamaicaMy “Likkle” Town in JamaicaMy “Likkle” Town in JamaicaMy “Likkle” Town in Jamaica

My “Likkle” Town in Jamaica

In my little town on the south shore of Jamaica, we enjoy an interesting cross section of people, backgrounds and personalities. A lovely mixture of people who’ve settled here from around the world, called “expats,” foreign tourists and local Jamaicans, making our little slice of Jamaica especially diverse. It’s been important find my place among

Finding My RhythmFinding My RhythmFinding My RhythmFinding My Rhythm

Finding My Rhythm

Wow.  It’s only been four months since I left Jamaica but it feels like much longer now that I’m back and trying to find my daily rhythm again.  In the past, I’ve had my daughter or my landlord/housemate here when I come down.  There has always been someone to check in with and someone else

Settling In Or Moving On?Settling In Or Moving On?Settling In Or Moving On?

Settling In Or Moving On?

I’m not going to lie.  Settling into life in Jamaica been without some bumps and bruises. As I write, the little bar across the street has been blasting the same song over and over and over for the last hour.  Intermittently, someone is blasting an air horn, honking a car horn and blowing a loud

A Program Worth Supporting…Yutes 4 Change

​ ​ I can’t say enough good things about this program or its creator, Ricardo Burke.  They are changing lives and touching hearts through community service, hard work and sacrifice.   Please take a few minutes to hear about their triumphs and struggles.  To learn more, check out their website listed below. http://yutes4changefoundation.org/

Jamaica, I Didn’t Expect…Jamaica, I Didn’t Expect…Jamaica, I Didn’t Expect…

Jamaica, I Didn’t Expect…

There are obviously many differences, culturally and otherwise, from country to country and Jamaica is no different. Encountering and striving to understand these divergent ways of life in Jamaica is part of the fascinating experience of travel, isn’t it? It only makes sense that things are going to be different when we travel to new

Life on the VerandahLife on the VerandahLife on the VerandahLife on the Verandah

Life on the Verandah

Many of the homes I’ve lived in throughout my life have had porches or patios. They were, in my mind, a place to periodically gather friends and family for special events during the summer. A holiday cookout or a birthday celebration might warrant the use of these spaces.  For the most part, these patios and porches were

Jamaica, For Your HealthJamaica, For Your HealthJamaica, For Your HealthJamaica, For Your Health

Jamaica, For Your Health

Only in “middle age” chronologically, I seem to inhabit the body of an old lady in everyday life. I creak and crack worse than most ninety year olds. My body, having stood the test of birthing 10 babies and running a goat farm for 20 years, now rebels against me. Lupus and rheumatoid arthritis swell

Torn Between Two WorldsTorn Between Two WorldsTorn Between Two WorldsTorn Between Two Worlds

Torn Between Two Worlds

Today, the world outside my window is a melting mess of white snow and sloppy brown mud.   It sounds like rain as it cascades off of my roof.  Snow?  In Jamaica?  No, sadly, I’m back “at home” in New Hampshire for a while, enduring snow storms and frozen blasts of wind from the icy north,

Jamaican Men, Beauty or the Beast?Jamaican Men, Beauty or the Beast?Jamaican Men, Beauty or the Beast?

Jamaican Men, Beauty or the Beast?

As anyone who has ever visited or lived in Jamaica knows, the roles of males here are quite unique and sometimes a bit complex. I’d like to speak here about the men that many foreign women tend to encounter on our travels and in day-to-day life here “without a man of our own,” a situation

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I have traveled all over the world and fallen in love with many places in my lifetime but none of them grabbed me as intensely as Jamaica. During my first visit, years ago, I felt as if I was coming home for the first time in my life. I look forward to sharing this journey with you as I begin the long process of making Jamaica my actual home. These are my experiences and observations. I hope you can see Jamaica through my eyes, and love her the way that I do. I am Jamaican at heart.

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